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Spars, Rigging, and Hardware for Sailboats

Rig-Rite, Inc.
Phone: (001) 401-739-1140 -- FAX: (001) 401-739-1149

Sailboat Hardware

Sailboat Hardware
Rig-Rite stocks a large selection of Specialty Hardware and hard-to-find parts for a variety of Systems.
If you require items not listed on-site, please forward a sketch or photo with measurements and full details of the part, including Manufacturer, application, boat type and year. See Spars, Rigging, Traveller Systems, and Furling Systems for more specific Sailboat Hardware items.

Sheaves - Replacement Sheaves for Blocks and Spar Applications. Sheave Bushings.

Cleats - Cleats by Type, Size, & Manufacturer.

Rope Clutches - Line Stoppers & Replacement Parts by Manufacturer.

Snap Shackles - Quick-release, High load Shackles. Snap Shackle Replacement Pins.

Halyard Shackles
  Headboard Shackles - Primarily used for Mainsail Halyards.
Snap Shackles - Primarily used for Jib & Spinnaker Halyards.

Blocks, Fixed
  Deck Organizer Blocks - for leading Halyards & other lines aft.

Cheek Blocks - Flat mounted Turning Blocks for Deck & Spar Applications.

Foot Blocks - Deck mounted Turning Blocks for Jib & Spinnaker Sheets.

Stand Up Spring Blocks - Deck mounted Stand Up Blocks.

Halyard Lead Blocks - Deck mounted Vertical Turning Blocks.

Exit Blocks - for Spar & Deck Applications.

Blocks, Movable

Swivel Blocks - Hanging Blocks for Halyards, Lifts, Mainsheets, etc.

Track Mounted Blocks - Jib/ Genoa Blocks with integral Track slides.

Mast Base Turning Blocks - for Isomat/Sparcraft & Z-Spar Masts.

Clevis Pins - in Stainless Steel and Bronze

Rigging Pins - in Stainless Steel. 

Cotter Pins - in Stainless Steel and Bronze

Fastpins - One-Handed, Quick-release SS Pins. 

Track & Track Fittings - T-Track, Sailtrack, misc. Tracks, & related Hardware.

            Metric T-Track & Fittings   ---    Amiot T-Track    -   Goiot T-Track

Toerail - Extruded Toerails for Hull and Deck joint Applications.

Stanchions, Stanchion Bases & Rail Fittings - For Lifelines & Pulpits.

Chainplates & Stemhead Fittings - Rigging to Hull Attachment Points.

Deck Fills - Deck mounted Tank Fillers for Water, Waste, & Fuel.

Hatches & Ports - Hatches, Ports, Portlights and related Parts & Hardware.

Pedestal Goosenecks for Jib Booms - SS, Aluminum & Cast Bronze.

Bowsprit Fittings - Traditional Cast Bronze Stemheads & Chocks.

Inner Forestay Stowage Clip - For use stowing an Inner Forestay.

Rudder Hardware - Pintles, Gudgeons, Rudder & Tiller Heads, Rudder Bushings.

Bailers - Hull mounted Bailers for Small Keel Boats & Dingys.

Winches - Winches & Parts by Manufacturer, and related Hardware.
Motor Mount Brackets - Traditional Cast Bronze.

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