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Aluminum Toerail

Aluminum Toerail
Extruded Aluminum Toerail was developed as a means of trimming off, and stiffening the Hull to Deck joint, while providing a strong and convenient means for attaching snatch blocks and other items. Many different varieties have been produced over the years to accommodate the multitude of different Hull/Deck joint configurations. In addition to the varieties produced by major Hardware Manufacturers, many boatbuilders developed their own versions, slightly, or radically different from those standardly available. In some cases a Toerail was developed for a specific boat model, and used on nothing else. Rig-Rite has prints on over 120 different varieties of Toerail.

Aluminum Toerails are listed below by Manufacturer, and many of the profiles shown here are available on a special order basis only. If you require Toerail that is not listed here, we will need a piece of your Toerail or a sketch of it with complete dimensions in order to identify it accurately. If not otherwise available, we are able to fabricate many varieties of Toerail on a Custom basis.

Goiot Toerail - Slotted Aluminum Toerails common on many European-built boats.

CS Toerails - Slotted Aluminum Toerails used only on yachts built by Canadian Sailcraft.

Merriman Toerail - Slotted Aluminum Toerails common on many US-built boats.

Merriman T-Rail is a Toerail with an integral T-Track, allowing easy adjustment of a variety of standard Genoa lead cars and other fittings, and is common on Racing Boats.

At right is the Hull/Deck joint assembly diagram showing Merriman 7460F Toerail as used on a Freedom 45.






Freedom 45 Hull/Deck Joint Assembly

Mid-rail Closed Chock: Mer 7403-04CCA:
Mid-Toerail Chocks allow Chock placement wherever necessary as well as providing a means of covering Toerail joints. Developed by Cape Dory Yachts for use with Merriman 7400 Toerail, unit is also compatible with some other Toerails. Closed Chock has large 4 3/4" x 1 1/8" opening. Clear anodized, cast aluminum Chock bolts through Toerail vertical surface with (4) 1/4" screws. Unit is (maximum) 8 5/8" long x 2" high x 1 1/4" thick (at deck) and requires cut-out 6 3/4" long in vertical portion of Toerail.

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