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Traveller Systems & Parts

Traveller Systems
Traveller Systems are designed to allow the adjustment of an attachment point, many systems allow for adjustment while under load. Used primarily in Mainsheet systems, they are also common in Outhaul Car, Spinnaker Car and Jib sheeting applications.

Rig-Rite stocks a large selection of parts for a variety of Traveller Systems.
Most Traveller Components are specific to the Original manufacturer's Traveller Track.
- It is Rare that any part from one System will fit any Part of any other Manufacturer's System; therefore, Parts for most Traveller Systems are listed by Manufacturer.

If you do not know the Manufacturer of your Traveller System, you need to identify your Track. 
Track profiles and complete dimensions are listed under each Manufacturer below. Look through them until you find your Track.
If you require parts for Traveller Systems not listed below, please forward a sketch or photo of your Track with measurements, and full details of the part, boat model and year.

Before the advent of the modern Traveller Systems listed below, T-Track, Flat Track or sailtrack were commonly used with Traveller Slides. For those items, See: Track, T-Track Travellers, or Traveller Slides.

If you require items not listed on-site, please forward a sketch or photo with measurements and full details of the part, including Manufacturer, application, boat type and year.
See Spars, Rigging, Furling Systems and Sailboat Hardware for more specific fittings.


Nicro-Fico Travellers - X-Track, I-Beam Track, and Recirculating Ball Track Systems
Kenyon Travellers - I-Beam Track Systems
Seaboard Travellers - I-Beam Track Systems
Schaefer Travellers - X / I-Beam Hybrid Track Systems
Amiot Travellers - I-Beam Track and Recirculating Ball Track Systems
Gibb Travellers - X-Track Systems
Goiot Travellers - Y-Track and I-Beam Track Systems
IYE Traveller Systems - X-Track Systems
Ronstan Travellers - I-Beam Track and Recirculating Ball Track Systems
RWO Travellers - X-Track Systems for small boats
T-Track Traveller Slides - Slides w/ Eye, & Stops for use on T-Track or SS Flat Track
T-Track Travellers w/ Blocks - Slides w/ Blocks for use on T-Track or SS Flat Track
Round Bar Travellers - Travellers for use on Round Bar or Tube

Traveller Ordering/Questions

We have technical data and descriptions of the most common Traveller Systems and Parts on-site.
If you need a replacement part for your Traveller System, it is most likely listed here with a complete description and Part Number.

For Part Numbers, Data and Track Specifications, See: Individual Manufacturers, above.
For Parts pricing information, See Ordering/Pricing, you will need Part Numbers.
For Technical Assistance and Data not listed on our website, contact us with complete details.
For any inquiries without Part Numbers, we will need to know which Traveller Track you have and a sketch of the part with dimensions, in addition to all boat details, including model, length, and year of manufacture. Please Note: Because of frequent changes in boat models, constant design improvements, and numerous other variations, it is impossible for us to know exactly which Traveller Track you have on your boat, and what parts you need. If you are unable to determine your Traveller Track from the data on-site, we can do so if you forward a tracing or photo of the Track and its Dimensions.
Please remember that Traveller Parts are not specific to a particular Boat, but to the Traveller Track to which they attach, and that we do not know which Traveller System you have on your boat.
To place an Order, See Ordering/Pricing, you will need Part Numbers.

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