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Chainplates & Stemhead Fittings

Chainplates & Stemhead Fittings
Chainplates are the items by which the hull or deck is attached to the lower end of the Standing Rigging, usually a Turnbuckle. Most Standard Chainplates are made from Stainless Steel strap or bar and are bolted to the hull, to the cabin sides, or to a bulkhead and pass directly through the deck, usually through a Chainplate Cover bolted to the deck. Some are bent at the top to better align with the rigging loads. Double Chainplates are designed to accept two separate shrouds at the same location.

Less common are U-Bolt type Chainplates for use with Upset Toggle Turnbuckles, and Deck Mount Chainplates which bolt directly to the deck. Stemhead Fittings are bolted to the deck and/or hull at the stem for attachment of the Forestay, and sometimes incorporate an attachment point for a Jib tack shackle. Sometimes what would normally be called Chainplates are used as Stemhead Fittings and the reverse is also true.

Chainplates and Stemhead Fittings are listed below by configuration, and then by the size of the Pin they are attached to the rigging with. If you require Chainplates or Stemhead Fittings not listed here, we stock some others and are able to fabricate a variety of Custom ones, please forward a sketch with complete measurements and details for a quote.

Standard Chainplates (Flat & Angled)
Double Chainplates (Flat & Angled)
Chainplate Covers

Deck Mount Chainplates
U-Bolt Type Chainplates
Stemhead Fittings & Jibstay Plates

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