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Spars, Rigging, and Hardware for Sailboats

Rig-Rite, Inc.
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Spartan Spars CD-3.5 Mast Section

Spartan Spars CD-3.5
Measurements: (OD) 5.0" x 3.625" (127mm x 92mm)
Wall Thickness: variable w/ .130" min.
Weight/ft.: 2.41 lbs.
Moments of inertia: Ixx = 5.03", Iyy = 2.82"
Circumference: 14 1/16"
Alloy: 6061-T6
Standard Mast Lengths: 30'1", 33'7"
Sail slides: 3/4" flat slides (A006M)
Internal Electrical slides: SP-E127

Common Mast usage: Allegra 24; Cape Dory 25D*, Cape Dory 26*;
See Also: Spartan Spars CD-3.5 Boom

CD-3.5 Mast Section

Spartan CD-3.5 Mast Section

CD-3.5 Mast Section - Clear Anodized: SP-CD3.5CA-___:
Spartan CD-3.5 Section Mast Tube is stocked in a variety of lengths (listed above) fully anodized, it can also be cut to shorter lengths. To order, specify length.
Sections can also be milled for the sailgate or other components, painted finishes and other lengths are available on special order, Please specify. If you require a complete Mast Assembly, you can select from components below and contact us with specifications.

CD-3.5 Standard Mast Hardware
Listed below are parts specific to the Spartan CD-3.5 Mast Section. All CD-3.5 Cast Aluminum Mast Components are standard with a clear anodized finish for maximum corrosion resistance and greater longevity. Other finishes available on special order.
There are many parts for specific configurations that are not listed here. If you require CD-3.5 Section Mast Components not listed here please contact us with details.

CD-3.5 Masthead: SP-450A:
Heavy-duty cast aluminum masthead assembly with 4 Aluminum sheaves is designed to allow use of external OR internal halyards. Includes SS toggles for headstay and backstay with 5/16" pins and a topping lift attachment pin. Cast in 356 Aluminum with anodized finish. Optional spinnaker bail (SP-083-1) is available.


sp450.TIF (12656 bytes)


1 3/4" Alu. Sheave w/ Integral Bushing: K-198-7AB4:

Anodized Aluminum Sheave with integral Oilite Bronze bushing. Sheave is 1 3/4" OD x 1/2" wide (w/ bushing) x 1/4" ID. With wire/rope V-groove. Used in most CD-3.5 Mastheads.


Masthead Spinnaker Bail: SP-083-1:

Heavy 5/16" SS bail is welded to a 2 1/4" x 1 7/8" flat plate which attaches to the top of the masthead with (4) 1/4" RH machine screws. Screw hole spacing (to centers) is 1 1/2" fore and aft x 3/4" wide. Bail is angled downward and projects 1 1/2" forward of plate. Mounting requires drilling & tapping (4) 1/4-20 holes.



Shroud Tang for 5/16" Pin: SP-202:

SS Shroud Tang mounts on a 3/8" bolt, for use with a Shroud up to 3/16" diameter using standard Aircraft Fork. Tang is 1" wide x 3 3/4" long x .120" with (1) 3/8" mounting hole and (1) 5/16" Pin Hole. Hole centers are 2 3/4" apart. Used in a wide variety of Upper and Lower Shroud applications.


Upper Shroud Tang for 3/8" Pin: SP-204:

SS Shroud Tang was designed for use with Shrouds up to 7/32" diameter using standard Aircraft Fork. Tang is 1 1/4" wide x 6 1/4" long x .120" with (2) 3/8" mounting holes and (1) 3/8" Pin Hole. Bolt hole centers are 1 7/8" apart, Pin Hole center is 3 1/8" from lower bolt. Assembly attaches to the mast with (2) 3/8" bolts. Mounting requires (2) 3/8" holes in side of mast. Especially suitable for use in Upper Shroud applications as the 2 bolts allow no fore and aft movement, it is also suited for other applications where the tang should not be allowed to pivot.


CD-3.5 Bow/Foredeck Light Ass'y: SP-453:
Combination Bow (Steaming) and Foredeck light, in cast aluminum housing fits forward side of CD-3.5 mast section. Foredeck light, SP-E265, is on bottom angled forward, and 20 point Bow light, SP-E964, is mounted on top. Assembly attaches to mast with (1) 1/4-20 x 4" FH machine screw (included). Housing is cast in 356 Aluminum with clear anodized finish. 



Bow Light (round): SP-E964:

SS Bow Light shines forward 20 points, and is used on Spartan Combination Bow/Foredeck Light Assembly. Round base is 2 3/8" diameter and fastens with (3) #6 screws. Requires 3/4" hole for socket. Replacement Bulb: 12-volt, GE # 90.


Foredeck Light (round): SP-E265:

Chrome plated Bronze Foredeck Light on plastic base illuminates the deck, and is used on Spartan Combination Bow/Foredeck Light Assembly. Round base is 2 3/4" diameter and fastens with (2) #8 or #6 screws on 1 1/2" hole centers. Replacement Bulb: 12-volt, GE # 70.


The Spartan CD-3.5 mast section is normally used with Spartan SP-091 - 1 5/16" OD Round Spreaders. For other Spreaders, see Spartan Spreader Sections.
Spreader Boot Pair for 1 5/16" OD Spreader: SP-057B:

Spreader Boot for 1 5/16" OD Spreader is designed to reduce sail chafe. White Rubber Boot is attached to Spreader and Shroud using wire ties or Rigging Tape. Sold in Pairs only, they are (maximum) 5 3/4" long.


CD-3.5 Spreader Base for 1 5/16" OD Spreader - Port: SP-457P:
CD-3.5 Spreader Base for 1 5/16" OD Spreader - Starboard: SP-457S:
Oval Cast aluminum base fits flush with the mast surface and attaches with (2) #10 FH machine screws and a 3/8" bolt. Unique and sleek design allows for use of the same 3/8" bolt as an attachment point for a lower shroud tang, SP-203. Base is (maximum) 3 5/8" wide x 2 1/4" high. Clear anodized base for use with 1 5/16" OD Spreaders, SP-091. Specify Port or Starboard.


1 5/16" OD Spreader Ass'y w/ Standard Tip x 38": SP-091AS:
Standard Spartan SP-091 Round Spreader is 1 5/16" OD x 1" ID x 38" long (mast to wire) and has Aluminum Tip, SP-091T, with slot for upper shroud, and hole for seizing wire (included). Clear anodized 1 5/16" Standard Spreader Assembly is (maximum) 38 1/2" long. For other lengths, options, and Components, See: Spartan SP-091  1 5/16" Round Spreader Section.




Double Shroud Tang for 1/4" Pins: SP-203:

SS Double Shroud Tang mounts on a 3/8" bolt, for use with 2 Shrouds up to 5/32" diameter using standard Aircraft Forks. Tang is 1" wide (at top) x 1 7/8" wide (at bottom) x 4 1/4" long x .120" with (1) 3/8" mounting hole and (2) 1/4" Pin Holes. Pin Hole centers are 3 3/16" (vertical) from mounting hole and are 1 1/16" (horizontal) apart. Used as Lower Shroud Tang with SP-302, SP-056 and SP-457 Spreader Bases, and in a variety of other applications. Sch 85-54X


CD-3.5 Hinged Sailgate: SP-375:
Original cast aluminum hinged assembly has sliding SS pin which, when lifted allows the 1 1/2" gate section to swing open. Designed to be mounted above the height of the stacked mainsail slides, the sail is loaded by putting the lowest slide in first. Cast in 356 Aluminum with clear anodized finish.


sp375.TIF (8694 bytes)

Sailgate Stop: K-10424:

SS internal sliding gate stop assembly has spring plunger pin and slides in the mainsail track. Slide is 3/4" wide x 2 1/2" long. As the slide is longer than the gate cut-out it is held captive in the track and is locked in front of the gate cut-out by a hole drilled in the track there. Pulling the SS plunger allows you to slide the stop down and open the gate. Designed to be mounted just above the Gooseneck Bracket, the sail is loaded by putting the top slide in first, and sliding the stop up to cover the gate after the last (lowest) slide is in. RR 73-97

RR 73-98.JPG (12710 bytes)

Although it adds a few inches to the height of the sail stack, this system offers numerous advantages over the original hinged sailgate in that it is totally captive (can't be lost), unobtrusive, and never needs replacement. Most importantly it simplifies sail raising and lowering, and especially reefing, as the sail slides have no obstacles as they slide up and down the mast. Please NOTE: Although it offers a nice choice on a new spar this is a difficult item to refit in place of the original hinged unit, as it requires that the original cut-out be filled in carefully.


CD-3.5 Gooseneck Bracket: SP-454:
Cast aluminum Gooseneck Bracket Assembly is designed for use with the SP-454-1 SS Toggles, and includes 1/4" vertical pin, and tack attachment. Attaches to mast with (6) 1/4" FH machine screws. Base is (maximum) 3 5/8" wide x 2 3/4" high. Cast in 356 Aluminum with clear anodized finish. Please NOTE: A variety of other Gooseneck and Vang Brackets are available to fit the CD-3.5 mast section and accommodate different Toggle configurations. Please specify.


sp454.TIF (16934 bytes)

Gooseneck Toggle for 1/4" Pins: SP-454-1:
SS Gooseneck Toggle is designed for use with the SP-454 cast Gooseneck Plate. Tubular SS Toggle is 3/4" square x 1 3/4" long and accommodates 1/4" vertical and horizontal pins on 1" centers.


Gooseneck Toggle for 1/4" & 5/16" Pins: SP-454-1S:

SS Gooseneck Toggle is designed for use with the SP-454 cast Gooseneck Plate. Tubular SS Toggle is 3/4" square x 1 3/4" long and accommodates 1/4" vertical and 5/16" horizontal pins on 1" centers.


Cam Cleat Pad: SP-185:

Cast aluminum Pad is contoured to fit most Mast Sections and provides a flat, raised surface for mounting a variety of Cam Cleats. Anodized Pad has 1/4" holes on 1 3/4" centers, but can be drilled to fit other Cam Cleats.


CD-3.5 Winch Pad: SP-451:

Cast aluminum winch pad is 4" in diameter, and mounts on the mast centerline with (1) 1/4" FH machine screw. Holes for the winch mounting screws are then drilled in the winch pad and tapped in the mast. Cast in 356 Aluminum with a black epoxy finish.

sp064-282f.jpg (20264 bytes)

Vang Bracket for Rigid Vang – Special:
A variety of semi-custom Brackets, or Bracket/Toggle combinations are available to fit rigid (or solid) vangs produced by a number of manufacturers. Please specify vang manufacturer, model and size.


CD-3.5 Deck Collar Ass'y: SP-456:
Cast aluminum, clear anodized 2-piece Deck Collar Assembly has tabs for 3/8" cross pin designed to attach mast section to deck collar and absorb deck tension loads. Deck Collar features large lip for mast boot taping, and includes clear anodized interior trim ring, and 3/8" SS cross pin, SP-456P. Bolts through deck with (6) 1/4" RH machine screws and locknuts.  MMMP


Electrical Access Plate: RR 72-99:

Electrical Access Plate is designed to allow access to internal electrical plugs above the mast step, without having to unstep the mast. Saves much in frustration and money by allowing you to check mast wiring connections with the mast up. SS Plate is 4 1/2" x 2" and is designed to cover a 3" x 1 1/4" vertical slot in the side of the mast, just above the top of the mast step. Plate is slightly curved to fit a variety of mast sections and attaches with (4) 1/4-20 RH machine screws (included).


RR-72-99.gif (9707 bytes)


CD-3.5 Mast Step, Deck-Mount: SP-459:

Mast Step for CD-3.5 Mast Section fastens to deck, keelson, or to K-1374 Mast Hinge Assembly for use as tabernacle. Features drainage channel to prevent water build-up inside the mast. Base is (maximum) 5 1/8" long x 3 7/8" wide and projects 1 3/4" into Mast, unit attaches to deck with (4) 1/4" bolts. Cast in 356 Aluminum with clear anodized finish.


sp459.TIF (16684 bytes)


CD-3.5 Hinged Mast Step Ass'y: SP-459HA:
Hinged tabernacle assembly for CD-3.5 Mast Section allows for easy mast-stepping. Consists of SP-459 Mast Step casting bolted to K-1374 Mast Hinge Assembly.


CD-3.5 Mast Step, Keel-Mount: SP-452:

Mast Step for Spartan CD-3.5 Mast Section fastens to keel or keelson with (4) 5/16" bolts in external adjustment slots to allow for precise positioning without unstepping the mast. Features 1 1/2" hole in the center for electrical wires and a drainage channel to prevent water build-up inside the mast. Mast Step is 6 1/4" long x 4 1/2" wide, slots allow for 3/4" fore and aft adjustment. Slot centers are 3 1/2" athwartships, and 4 1/2" fore & aft. Cast in 356 Aluminum with black epoxy finish.




Electrical Wire Slide: SP-E127:

Electrical Wire Slides - 10 Pack: SP-E127P:

Nylon slides fit internal electrical wire slide tracks in CD-3.5, CD-4.5, and CD-5 mast sections. Slides are attached to wiring harness at 2-3 foot intervals with tie wraps. Prevents wires from slapping, and from fouling internal halyards. Slide is 1" long.

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