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Spars, Rigging, and Hardware for Sailboats

Rig-Rite, Inc.
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Spartan Spars CD-3.5 Boom Section

Spartan Spars CD-3.5 Boom Section
Measurements: (OD) 5.0" x 3.625" (127mm x 92mm)
Wall Thickness: variable w/ .130" min.
Weight/ft.: 2.41 lbs.
Moments of inertia: Ixx = 5.03", Iyy = 2.82"
Circumference: 14 1/16"
Alloy: 6061-T6
Standard Lengths: 14'0", 16'9"
Sail slides: 3/4" flat slides (A006M)

Common Boom usage: Cape Dory 270, 31, 32, 33*, 330; Falmouth 26;
See Also: Spartan Spars CD-3.5 Mast

CD-3.5 Boom Section

Spartan CD-3.5 Boom Section

CD-3.5 Boom Section - Clear Anodized: SP-CD3.5CA-___:
Spartan CD-3.5 Section Boom Tube is stocked in a variety of lengths (listed above) fully anodized, it can also be cut to shorter lengths. To order, specify length.
Sections can also be milled for the sail entrance or other components if necessary, painted finishes and other lengths are available on special order, Please specify. If you require a complete Boom Assembly, you can select from components below and contact us with specifications.

CD-3.5 Standard Boom Hardware
Listed below are parts specific to the Spartan CD-3.5 Boom Section. There are many parts for specific configurations that are not listed here. If you require CD-3.5 Section Boom Components not listed here please contact us with details.

CD-3.5 Gooseneck Ass'y: SP-510:

Heavy-duty cast aluminum Gooseneck End for CD-3.5 Boom Section has a 1/2" Horizontal Pin and will accept a 1" (maximum) wide Toggle. Clear anodized Gooseneck End will fit a variety of Toggles, but is commonly used with the SP-097-1 SS Gooseneck Toggle, below. Horizontal Pin is 2" forward of Boom end; Pin, SP-RP8-68, and nylon bearing washers are included.


SS Gooseneck Toggle: SP-097-1:

SS Gooseneck Toggle is designed for use with the CD-3.5 Gooseneck Assembly, SP-510, above, and the CD-4 cast Gooseneck Bracket, SP-097. Solid SS Toggle is 1" square x 2 1/2" long with 1/2" pin holes on 1 1/2" centers.


Gooseneck Toggle/Tack Ass'y - Bronze: SP-175:

Gooseneck Toggle/Tack Ass'y - Chrome: SP-175C:

Cast Bronze Gooseneck Toggle/Tack Assembly features 2 Tack positions and includes 3/8" Tack fastpin (FP-6-48). Accommodates 1/2" vertical and horizontal pins (on 1 7/8" centers), and has 1/4" hole for the mounting of (2) reef hooks, SP-174-3. Designed for use with the Spartan CD-4.5 (SP-504), and CD-5 (SP-174) cast Aluminum Gooseneck Brackets. Toggle portion (in front) is 2 7/8" high (1 1/8" high where it goes between Mast Bracket), x 7/8" wide at Horizontal pin hole, unit is (maximum) 5 5/8" high x 1 1/4" wide.


Gooseneck Toggle Reef Hook: SP-174-3A:
This 3/8" diameter SS Reef Hook is designed to bolt to the SP-175 Gooseneck Toggle with the included 1/4" fastener (2" bolt w/ locknut). Measures 3 1/4" long x 1 5/8" wide.


Gooseneck Toggle/Tack/Reef Hook Ass'y for CD4.5 GN Bracket: RR 45-142MRA:
Combination Toggle/Tack/Reef Hook Assembly to fit CD-3.5 Gooseneck Assembly, SP-510, above, and CD4.5 GN Bracket, SP-504. Special Toggle/Tack/Reef Hook Assembly includes RR 45-142M Gooseneck Toggle, below, and PP 54-21S Tack/Reef Hook Assembly.


Gooseneck Toggle for CD4.5 GN Bracket - 1 1/2" High: RR 45-142M:
Special Anodized Aluminum Gooseneck Toggle is 1 1/2" high x 1" wide (11/16" wide @ Horizontal pin hole) x 3" (max) long, pin holes are on 1 3/4" centers. Toggle features 2nd 1/2" vertical hole (1 1/8" aft of vertical hole) with milled recess for attachment of PP 54-21S Tack/Reef Hook assembly. Toggle fits a variety of Mast Brackets designed for a 1 1/2" Toggle with a 1/2" vertical pin.



Gooseneck Slide & Toggle/Tack/Reef Hook Ass'y for 15/16" Internal Flat Track: SP-097SA:
Aluminum Gooseneck Slide with Toggle/Tack/Reef Hook Assembly to fit CD-3 Gooseneck Assembly, SP-510, above. Slide fits integral Track in Kenyon, Rig-Rite, Pearson, MetalMast and most other Mast Sections with a 15/16" or 7/8" Internal Flat Track, but does not fit CD-4.5 or CD-5 Mast Sections. Gooseneck Slide is 5 7/8" high x 7/8" (.865") wide, uses a 1/2" vertical pin and features 1/2" hole for downhaul line or shackle. Toggle is 15/16" wide @ 1/2" Horizontal pin hole. MU


Gooseneck Toggle/Tack Ass'y w/ Reef Hooks - 2 5/16" High: RR 45-148MRA:
Combination Toggle/Tack/Reef Hook assembly features SS Tack/Reef Hook assembly (PP 54-22S) bolted to cast Aluminum Toggle, RR 45-148M, and includes 1/2" Tack fastpin, K-10718. Toggle takes 1/2" vertical and horizontal pins. Black epoxy coated Toggle is 2 5/16" high x 1 3/8" wide (15/16" wide @ Horizontal pin hole) x 3 7/8" (maximum) long, pin holes are on 2 1/2" centers. Toggle fits a variety of Mast Brackets designed for a 2 5/16" Toggle with a 1/2" vertical pin.   MA sch



Long Aluminum Gooseneck Toggle - 2 5/16" High: RR 45-148:
Cast Aluminum Gooseneck Toggle is 2 5/16" high and accommodates 1/2" vertical and horizontal pins. Black epoxy coated Toggle is 2 5/16" high x 1 3/8" wide (15/16" wide @ Horizontal pin hole) x 3 7/8" (maximum) long, pin holes are on 2 1/2" centers. Toggle features 2nd 1/2" vertical hole (1 1/4" aft) for attachment of Tack/Reef Hook assembly. Toggle fits a variety of Mast Brackets and Gooseneck Slides designed for a 2 5/16" Toggle with a 1/2" vertical pin.  M version is milled to prevent swiveling of reef hook assembly.  sch


Cam Cleat Pad: SP-185:

Cast aluminum Pad is contoured to fit most Mast Sections and provides a flat, raised surface for mounting a variety of Cam Cleats. Anodized Pad has 1/4" holes on 1 3/4" centers, but can be drilled to fit other Cam Cleats.


CD-3.5 Cast Winch Pad: SP-451:

Cast aluminum winch pad is 4" in diameter, and mounts on the boom centerline with (1) 1/4" FH machine screw. Holes for the winch mounting screws are then drilled in the winch pad and tapped in the boom. Frequently used for a Reefing Winch.


Boom Bail - 3/8" x 3 5/8" wide: K-2172W:

Heavy SS Boom Bail made from 3/8" rod is designed to be attached with (1) 3/8" SS bolt and nut. Formed at 3 5/8" wide, width can be varied to fit larger or smaller sections. Bail length, from bolt center, is 3 1/2".


Boom Bail Bolt Ass'y - 3/8" for 3 5/8" Boom: K-2172BA:

Boom Bail bolt assembly includes 3/8" SS bolt x 4 1/2", with locknut, and nylon washers to prevent bail from damaging boom surface as it pivots.


Outhaul Slide Ass'y for 3/4" Internal Track: K-43009:
Outhaul Slide Assembly features pivoting toggle with 2-position clew attachment using 5/16" clevis pin, and separate pin for attachment of outhaul pennant. Slide is (maximum) 3 3/4" long x 3/4" wide, and 3 1/4" high. For Boom sections with 3/4" Internal Track. Also, see other Outhaul Slide Assemblies for 3/4" Internal Track Booms.


CD-3.5 Internal Outhaul Ass'y: SP-511:

Heavy-duty cast aluminum Internal Outhaul End includes 3 sheaves for reef lines and outhaul. Clear anodized end fitting has centerline aluminum sheave, K-198-AB4, for up to 3/16" wire or 3/8" line, and (2) 1 3/4" nylon sheaves, NF-6687, for up to 3/8" reef lines. Fitting is open in the back to allow access to lines without removing boom end. Includes 3/16" screw pin shackle for topping lift attachment.
CD-3.5 Internal Outhaul Casting only: SP-511C:
Heavy-duty Cast, Clear anodized aluminum Internal Outhaul End only, as used in SP-511 assembly, above.


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