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Spinnaker Cars

Spinnaker Cars are used on the forward side of the mast to attach a Spinnaker Pole or a Whisker Pole, and sometimes two Whisker Poles. Spinnaker Cars all run on, or in, a variety of Tracks that mount on, or are part of, the front of the Mast. Use of a moveable Car, rather than a fixed attachment point, allows adjustment of the pole's inboard end, necessary for maximum sail efficiency over a range of conditions and with a variety of sails, as well as on-mast storage.
For fixed Mast Eyes, or Mast Rings, See Spinnaker Pole Mast Eyes.

All Spinnaker Cars are held in place on the track either by a screw or spring pin, or by means of a line (or other remote) control system. Larger boats, racing boats and those stowing their poles on the mast will generally use a control system, for its ease and handling convenience.

Spinnaker Cars are of three primary varieties: Ring Cars for standard Piston pole ends, Toggle Cars for standard Piston pole ends in heavy duty or mast storage applications, and Pin, or Bell Cars to fit the variety of special inboard Spinnaker Pole Ends available. Please note that Ring Cars are not designed for, or recommended for vertical pole stowage applications.

Rig-Rite stocks a large variety of Spinnaker Cars and parts for them. Those most commonly stocked are listed below, but many 'specials' have been produced over time. If a Spinnaker Car you require is not listed, please contact us specifying the particular type of Track that it fits, its' dimensions, material, and application.

Spinnaker Cars are listed here by the Type and size of the Track that they fit on, then by their complexity, and relative strength (in general), in ascending order.

For Spinnaker Car Parts - not specific to a particular Spinnaker Car - See, Spinnaker Car Parts.

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Spinnaker Ring Car

Spinnaker Cars for T-Track
For 3/4" T-Track
For 7/8" T-Track
For 1" T-Track
For 1 1/4" T-Track
For 1 1/2" T-Track
For 25mm/26mm Metric T-Track
For 32mm Metric T-Track

Spinnaker Cars for Stainless Steel Track
For 5/8" Sailtrack
For 7/8" Sailtrack

Cars for 7/8" SS Internal "C" Track (NF-248/RF-390)
For 3/4" SS Flat Track
For 7/8" SS Flat Track
For 1" SS Flat Track
For 1 1/4" SS Flat Track

Spinnaker Cars for Ball-Bearing Tracks
Cars for Sparcraft/Facnor/Lewmar Track
Cars for Harken Track
Cars for Nicro-Fico NF 1100 Track
Cars for Ronstan / Frederiksen RCB Tracks (22, 30, & 42mm wide Track)
Cars for Z-Spar Masts w/ Add-on Track


Spinnaker Cars for Masts with Integral Spinnaker Tracks
Cars for Isomat Masts with Integral Track
Cars for Proctor Masts with Integral Track
Cars for Z-Spar Masts
    -- Cars for Z-Spar Masts w/ Integral Track
    -- Cars for Z-Spar Masts w/ Add-on Track

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