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Spars, Rigging, and Hardware for Sailboats

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Kenyon Spars 4960 Mast Section

Kenyon Spars 4960 Mast
Measurements (outside): 6.04" x 4.89" (154mm x 124mm)
Wall Thickness: .130
Weight/ft.: 2.80 lbs.
Moments of inertia: Ixx = 10.20", Iyy = 6.60"
Circumference: 17 5/16"
Alloy: 6061-T6
Sail slides: 3/4" flat slides (A006M)
Common Mast usage: Allied Seawind 30K Main*; Bayliner Buccaneer 295; CS 27*; Marco Polo; Odyssey; Seafarer 31*; Tornado 31;

Kenyon 4960 Mast Section

Kenyon 4960 Mast Section
Kenyon 4960 Section is currently out of production. If you require a new mast tube, please contact us with details for recommendations on the most suitable replacements, for most boats it would be the Kenyon 4060 or 4365 Section.

4960 Standard Mast Hardware
Listed below are parts specific to the Kenyon 4960 Mast Section. For more generic parts, see Kenyon Exit Blocks, Kenyon Exit Plates, Kenyon Shroud Tangs, and other categories listed under Kenyon Spar Parts. There are many parts for specific configurations that are not listed here. If you require 4960 Mast Components not listed here please contact us with details.

Round Spreader Bracket - Port: K-1567-2P:
Round Spreader Bracket - Starboard: K-1567-2S:

SS welded Spreader Bracket Assembly for 4960 mast section. Formed plate has welded socket to fit Kenyon 1 11/16" OD (K-2130) Round Spreader. Design allows for recessed attachment of lower shroud tang. Plate is 3/32" thick and measures 3" high x 4 1/4" long to spread loading over a larger area. Attaches to the mast with (6) 3/16" (#10) screws or rivets and a 5/8" bolt, or a 3/8" bolt and a K-9631 Flange Bushing to reduce weight, or when used with K-1492, K-1493, or K-1494 Tang Assemblies. Used for rigs with in-line spreaders, base has 5-degree vertical lift. Specify port or starboard. 3550 D40443   -1 5072  -4 3756




Main Sail Gate: K-1807K:

SS gate assembly covers 1 1/2" entrance for sail slide. When closed, allows slides to pass by gate and remain in mast. Slot allows gate to be slid aside when thumbscrew is loosened, and still remain attached to mast. Formed SS plate is 1" high with slot for SS thumbscrew, K-45 (included). Installation requires drilling and tapping (1) 10-32 hole.




Stainless Steel Thumb Screw: K-45:

SS Thumbscrew for use with Kenyon Mainsail Gates. SS Thumbscrew has a 10-32 thread and is 1/2" long (under head).


3/4" Sail Slide Stop: K-10424:

SS Spring Pin Sail Slide Stop fits all mast sections with track for 3/4" internal flat slides. Superior design allows Slide Stop to remain captive in mast track. Gate cutout (1 3/4" high) is made just 1" above SS Gooseneck bracket. Spring pin fits in 1/4" hole drilled at top of cutout, and slides down into recess beneath Gooseneck Bracket when Spring pin is pulled. This design allows sail slides to come as close as possible to the gooseneck while remaining in track, and eliminates problems associated with slides snagging while going past a normal sail gate. Plate is 2 1/2" long with a 1/4" spring pin.





Stainless Steel Winch Pad: K-1139:

Stainless Steel winch plate is contoured to fit on centerline of 4960 Mast Section. Pad insulates winch from spar wall and properly seats it for mounting. Pad is attached to mast with (1) 3/16" (#10) FH machine screw, clearance holes for screws to mount winch are then drilled through pad, winch mounting holes are drilled and tapped in spar wall. SS plate is 3 3/8" high x 3 3/8" wide x .072" thick. SM D83905



Electrical Access Plate: RR 72-99:

Electrical Access Plate is designed to allow access to internal electrical plugs above the mast step, without having to unstep the mast. Saves much in frustration and money by allowing you to check mast wiring connections with the mast up. SS Plate is 4 1/2" x 2" and is designed to cover a 3" x 1 1/4" vertical slot in the side of the mast, just above the top of the mast step. Plate is slightly curved to fit a variety of mast sections and attaches with (4) 1/4-20 RH machine screws (included).



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