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Kenyon Shroud Tangs and Related Hardware

Tangs and Related Hardware made by Kenyon are listed below by Category, a complete integrated list of tangs made by Kenyon and Other Manufacturers is available. See Shroud Tangs – Mixed Vendor Complete List.

Small Boat Tangs
Generally for shrouds of 5/32" diameter or less, these lightweight Tangs are used in a variety of applications on smaller boats.



Pivoting Strap Tangs
Used in the widest variety of applications, these Single Strap Tangs mount on a single bolt, and are used with rigging using swaged forks or other clevis fittings. Especially suited for use with Intermediate and Lower Shrouds where angles might vary, or might not be precisely determined ahead of time.


Double Strap Tangs
Used on rigs with Double Lower Shrouds, these Tangs are also suitable in a variety of other applications.



Single Clevis Tangs
Clevis Tangs are used with rigging using eye fittings, and come with a Clevis Pin.


Double Clevis Tangs
Used on rigs with Double Lower Shrouds, these Tangs are suitable in a variety of other applications and come with Clevis Pins.




Flange Bushings
SS Flange Bushings are used in Shroud Tang applications to achieve maximum weight reduction without any attendant reduction in bearing surface of the Tang fastener against the mast wall. Flange Bushings are used to replace larger bolts with smaller bolts, as in these applications it is not the tensile strength of the bolt, but the shear strength of the larger diameter bearing surface that is important.



Bearing Plates
Bearing Plates are used to reinforce the mast wall, spreading the loading of a single bolt attachment out over a greater surface area by using additional fasteners. Normally used in conjunction with a single bolt Shroud Tang.



Specialty Tangs


Delta (Triangle) Plates
Delta, or Triangle Plates are primarily used to separate the Main (upper) Leg from the 2 Lower Legs in Split Backstay applications.


Other Tangs
Rig-Rite Shroud Tangs – Mixed Vendor Complete List.

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