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Spars, Rigging, and Hardware for Sailboats

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Cape Dory Typhoon Day Sailer Standard Spars & Parts

Common Replacement Parts are listed below.
Additional specifications
and photographs of all components listed below, as well as details of the Spar Sections and additional parts, are available on the Spar Section, or Parts pages.

The Cape Dory Typhoon Day Sailer (DS) has a Keel-stepped Masthead Rig.
Most Typhoon Day Sailer Masts use the Spartan CD-2 Mast Section.
Most Typhoon Day Sailer Booms use the Spartan CD-1 Boom Section.
Most Typhoon Day Sailer Spreaders use the Spartan SP-022 (3/4" OD) Spreader Section.
As there have been many variations in 40 years of production, check part Specifications on the Section pages, and verify Section profiles to insure compatibility.

Typhoon DS Mast & Components - Spartan CD-2 Mast Section
Description   Part #
Typhoon Day Sailer Standard Mast Assembly Complete : SP-CDTyDMA:
    - Clear Anodized Mast - CD-2 x 25' 2". Ass'y includes Spreaders and all attached
      hardware, with standard set up for external halyards.

Typhoon Day Sailer Mast Assembly w/ Spinnaker Option : SP-CDTyDMAS:
   - Clear Anodized Mast - CD-2 x 25' 2" Ass'y includes everything in Standard Mast
      Ass'y, as well as all Mast-mounted Spinnaker hardware, including Blocks and Car

Typhoon Day Sailer Standard Mast Section milled. : SP-CDTyDMM:
    - Clear Anodized Mast Section - CD-2 x 25' 2", with milled sail gate.

Typhoon Day Sailer Mast Section, tube only, unmilled - CD-2 x 25' 2" : SP-CDTyDMT:

Masthead Ass'y, Cast Anodized Alu. - Complete, w/ Nylatron Sheaves : SP-019P:
Masthead Rigging Pin, 1/4" : RP4-56:
Halyard Sheave - Plastic, 1/4" ID  OR : NF 6687:
Halyard Sheave - Plastic, 3/8" ID : K-11881:
Halyard Sheave - Aluminum, 3/8" ID : K-198-7A:
Halyard Sheave - Aluminum w/ integral Bronze bushing, 3/8" ID : K-198-7AB6:
    - verify Sheave ID before ordering
Masthead sheave Bushing/Spacer (SS) 3/8" OD x 1/4" ID : BS64-33:
Masthead Spinnaker Bail : SP-019-2:
Spinnaker Halyard Swivel Block, SS : SP-019BL:

Shroud Tang for 1/4" Pin (Uppers & Lowers) : SP-209:
Sail Slide Stop : K-11198:
Spar Cleat - 4" : D-10324:
Downhaul Cleat - 3" (slides in track) : K-1108:
Mast Step Casting : SP-630:
- Optional Spinnaker Parts   Part #
Masthead Spinnaker Bail : SP-019-2:
Spinnaker Halyard Swivel Block, SS : SP-019BL:
Eyestrap for Pole Lift Block, 2-hole : K-226:
Spinnaker Pole Lift Swivel Block, SS : SP-019BL:
Spinnaker Pole Track - 3/4" Aluminum T-Track x 2'    @6'6" : Mer 7000B-2:
End Stop for 3/4" T-Track, Black (2 required) : Mer 7000B-ES:
Spinnaker Pole Car* - 3/4" T-Track or Flat Track : Sch 73-26X:
 - Complete Kit includes all parts listed above and includes all fasteners. : SP-CDTyDSHK:
Spinnaker Pole - 1 1/4" OD x 6' 11" w/ SS Piston Ends. : SP-CDTyDSP:

 *Other sizes of Spinnaker Track have been used on older Typhoons, Cars for them are listed below.
Spinnaker Pole Car - 7/8" T-Track or Flat Track : Sch 73-27X:
Spinnaker Pole Car - 1" T-Track or Flat Track : Sch 73-28X:
Typhoon DS Spreaders & Parts - Spartan SP-022 Spreader Section
Description   Part #
Spreader Assembly 3/4" OD - Clear Anodized : SP-022AS:
Spreader Tube only 3/4" OD x 26" - Clear Anodized : SP-022TC-26:

Spreader Tip - Aluminum : SP-022T:
Spreader Base SS (w/ 5/8" OD male stud), includes Clevis Pin : SP-302:
Spreader Base Clevis Pin SS : CP4-28K:
Typhoon DS Boom & Components - Spartan CD-1 Boom Section
Description   Part #
Typhoon Day Sailer Boom Assembly - Standard, RR - Clear Anodized : SP-CDTyDBA:
Typhoon Day Sailer Boom Tube only, Clear Anodized - CD-1 x 8' 4" : SP-CDTyDBT:

Gooseneck Assembly w/ Slide - Standard : SP-031FS:
Gooseneck Assembly w/ Slide - Roller Reefing : SP-031RS:
Gooseneck Replacement Casting only : SP-031C:
Gooseneck Slide only : SP-032:
Gooseneck Toggle only : K-9267:
Spar Cleat - 3", Black       #8 FH on 13/16" centers : SP-032C:
Spar Cleat - 4", Black       #10 FH on 1" centers     SP-026 : D-10324:
Vang Ball Attachment Plate, for use w/ Ball Wire Pennant : K-2182:
Vang Wire Pennant Ass'y w/ swage Ball, 6" long : K-2182WP:
Mainsheet/Vang Bail for 1/4" bolt : K-S9001:
Mainsheet Bail Bolt Ass'y, 1/4" w/ Nut & washers : K-S9001BA:
Cheek Block w/ curved base for Outhaul or Reef lines : K-140X:
Outhaul Assembly w/ 2 pivoting Tangs : SP-033-2:
Outhaul Casting only : SP-033:

Typhoon DS - Other Components
Description Part #
Typhoon Bronze Outboard Motor Mount Bracket : SP 99-31B:
Typhoon Bronze Deck Plate only, for Outboard Motor Mount : SP 99-31DP:

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