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Streamstay Two Jib Furling System

The Streamstay Two was one of the first modern Sectional furling systems, designed to fit within the limits of UPS shipping requirements. The Streamstay Two is a Black anodized Sectional furling system with a rounded front and a flat aft side with 2 sail grooves. A conventional wire forestay with a threaded stud on the lower end fits inside the luff extrusions. All sizes feature luff extrusions that are 6' 4" long and take a standard #6 luff tape. This system is out of production, and has been for over 10 years, however, many parts are still available.

The Streamstay Two was produced in Three (3) Different Sizes. The sizes were designated K-2, K-3, and K-4.  System sizes are determined by the measurements of the Luff Foil Sections.

Luff Section Profiles and measurements are provided below to assist you in determining your System Size. Please determine your System Size before inquiring about parts availability.
If you need a Luff Feed Section (the lower one), you will also need to determine which side the internal Key is on. The profiles below show the Key on the Left side when looking from above. In addition to system size, you must specify which side your key is on if you need a Luff Feed Section. Standard Luff Sections are symmetrical and are therefore all the same.

extrusions.jpg (100057 bytes)

Common Replacement Parts K2 K3 K4
Luff Feed Extrusion – Left Key (6' 4" long): Use K2-13K Use K3-13K STR K4-13L
Luff Feed Extrusion – Right Key (6' 4" long): Use K2-13K Use K3-13K STR K4-13R
Luff Feed Repair Kit -
   (Includes K_-15K, & short milled feed section*):
STR K2-13K STR K3-13K  
Stainless Steel Luff Feeder with (4) Screws: STR K2-14 STR K3-14 STR K4-14
Standard Luff Extrusion (6' 4" long): STR K2-17 STR K3-17 STR K4-17
Luff Connector Kit: STR K2-15K STR K3-15K STR K4-15K
     Kit includes (1) Connector Tube, (1) Stay Bushing and (3) Rivets.
            Luff Extrusion Connector Tube (8" long): STR K2-15 STR K3-15 STR K4-15
            Connector Tube Stay Bushing (8" long): STR K2-16 STR K3-16 STR K4-16
            Luff Connector Rivet (5/32"): STR K2-21 STR K3-21 STR K4-21
Top Luff Foil Centering Kit: STR K2-20K STR K3-20K STR K4-20K
            Attaches w/ 5/32" Rivet (included)      
Halyard Swivel Complete w/ Bushings: STR K2-19 STR K3-19 STR K4-19
Halyard Swivel Bushing Set (Delrin): STR K2-18 STR K3-18 STR K4-18
(1 3/4"OD x 3 1/2") (1 3/4"OD x 3 1/2") (2"OD x 4" long)
Drive Cone: STR K2-12 STR K3-12 STR K4-12
            (Attaches Feed extrusion to torque tube)      
SS Threaded Lower T w/ Toggle: STR K2-1-3/8" STR K3-1-1/2" STR K4-1-5/8"
            (Pin sizes shown, specify thread size) STR K2-1-1/2" STR K3-1-5/8" STR K4-1-3/4"
    For all parts below, K2 & K3 are the same
Bronze Lower Nut, Specify thread size: STR K2-2-3/8" STR K2-2-1/2" STR K4-2-5/8"
SS Fairlead Arm w/ Bullseye (SS lined): STR K2-5 STR K2-5 STR K4-5
SS Bracket Arm w/o Drum Cover Spray Shield: STR K2-6 STR K2-6 STR K4-6
SS Bracket Arm with Drum Cover Spray Shield: STR K2-67 STR K2-67 STR K4-67
Plastic Drum Cover Spray Shield only: STR K2-7 STR K2-7 STR K4-7
Bronze Cap (threaded) w/ set screw: STR K2-8 STR K2-8 STR K4-8
Aluminum Drum Half, New-Style (Forward): STR K2-9 STR K2-9 STR K4-9
Aluminum Drum Half, New-Style (w/ Tack lug): STR K2-10 STR K2-10 STR K4-10
Aluminum Drum Assembly, New-Style (2-pieces): STR K2-910 STR K2-910 STR K4-910
Aluminum Drum Half, Old-Style Cast: STR K2-10X STR K2-10X STR K4-10X
Aluminum Drum Ass'y, Old-Style Cast (2-pieces): STR K2-910X STR K2-910X STR K4-910X

* Milled feed section is the length of the SS Feeder and has tapped holes for feeder attachment. To make repair, cut luff feed extrusion at top and bottom of the SS Feeder, then insert Milled feed section on Luff connector Tube (included), and drill holes for Connector Rivets. This repair makes the Luff Feed Extrusion much stronger than it was originally.

Many Other Parts are available. Please determine your System Size before inquiring about parts availability or pricing.

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