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Sparcraft IM-330 Mast

Sparcraft IM-330 Mast
Measurements (OD): 7 1/16" x 4 3/4" (180mm x 120mm)
Wall Thickness (minimum): 3.2mm
Weight/m.: 4.8kg. - Weight/ft.: 3.23 lbs.
Moments of inertia: Ixx = 18.21", Iyy = 7.98"
Moments of inertia: Ixx = 742mm4, Iyy = 325mm4
Circumference: 19 3/4" (500mm)
Sail slides: 8mm boltrope or round slugs, Soro BRS5
Sail slides: 23mm flat slides, or 16mm, Soro FP17
Alloy: 6005-T6
Standard Mast Lengths: 12.5M, 18M (41', 59')
Replaces NG-46. 2004M=758/332
Furling Mast Equivalent:  I-365E
I-330 Mast Section 
Common Mast usage: Attalia*; Aventura 28; Bavaria 340; Beneteau First 32, 33.7; Oceanis 321*, 361; Chatham 330; Colin Archer 30; Comfortina 36; Contest 31*; Drop 26; Dufour 35*, 12000 mizzen; Fast 35; Gibsea 106, 372; HOD 35; Hunter 380; Jeanneau Sun Shine, Sun Odyssey 35; Jouet 920; Luffe 40; Optima*; Pacific Seacraft; Paladin 11.5; Scanmar 33*; Tango 30 Cat; Triswood 35; Van de Stadt 34; Vita 30;

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See also, Sparcraft IM Masts, and other Sparcraft Mast Sections.

IM-330 Mast Components
The IM-330 was designed as a direct replacement for the discontinued Isomat NG-46 Mast Section. The Integral Spinnaker Track was eliminated, resulting in lower overall weight and increased strength to weight ratios. Except for the integral Spinnaker Track, the Sections are identical, and most parts are interchangeable. For complete Mast Assemblies, contact us with details.

Parts used primarily or exclusively with the IM-330 Mast Section are listed here.
 * For all other parts, See Isomat NG-46 Mast Section.

FM2 Spinnaker Pole Mast Eye: FM2-37:

Fixed Eye for attachment of whisker or spinnaker pole on the front of the mast. Used where vertical adjustment of inboard pole end is not required, Cast SS Pole eye is curved to fit the front of the Mast. Base is 58mm (2 1/4") high x 58mm (2 1/4") wide, and attaches to Mast with (4) 1/4" screws or rivets. 10mm Ring has 50mm (2") ID. Used with FM-305 and larger Mast Sections.



NG1 Gooseneck/Vang Bracket - Reinforced: NG1-11R:

Special reinforced aluminum Gooseneck/Vang Bracket fits IM180 through IM330, and NG-28 through NG-51 Mast Sections. Welded Bracket is 4 5/8" (118mm) high x 3" (78mm) wide, and is fastened with eight (8) 1/4" (6mm) rivets. Bracket has holes for 12mm (7/16") Vertical Toggle Pin (NB1-1), and is compatible with all other NG1-1 vertical Gooseneck Pins.


IM-330 Mast Step - Deck Mount: IM260-5:

Mast Step for use with IM-260 & IM-330 Mast Sections has provisions for (8) new-style Mast Base Turning Blocks and a SS Bail, NG2-20, for attachment of a soft Boom Vang. Nut slots on underside of casting and 12mm holes allow for attachment of Mast Base Turning Blocks, NGA-40 or NGA-41, without unfastening Mast Step. Cast Aluminum Mast Step is 9 1/4" (235mm) long x (maximum) 8" (200mm) wide, and fastens to deck with (4) 5/16" (8mm) FH Screws. Unit is marked 556190.


NG2 Mast Step Bail: NG2-20:

SS Formed Bail is used for attachment of Boom Vang or/and standard blocks for leading halyards aft. Fits in integral slots in NG46 and larger Mast Steps. Bail is installed from underside of Mast Step Casting, Mast Step must be removed to install Bail(s). Bail is made from 10mm (3/8") rod, and is 2 3/4" (70mm) long x (maximum) 1 15/16" (50mm) high.



IM-330 Internal Waterproofing Plug: IM330-WP:
Internal Waterproofing Plug is installed in Keel-stepped Masts to prevent water intrusion below deck. Assembly consists of 2 plastic pieces carefully cut to fit Mast interior with central PVC standpipe to allow passage of electrical wires. Unit slides up from the bottom of the Mast to a point just above Deck level where a hole is drilled in Mast to allow for application of expanding foam between plastic pieces. Second hole is drilled just above upper plastic piece to allow water drainage.


Internal Waterproofing Foam: NGA-Foam:

Expanding foam is used for installation of Internal Waterproofing Plug. Single-use can is sufficient for installation of any Internal Waterproofing Plug.

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