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Spars, Rigging, and Hardware for Sailboats

Rig-Rite, Inc.
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5/8" OD Round Spreaders & Hardware

Kenyon Spars 5/8" Round Spreader Section
Measurements: 0.625" OD x .509" ID (5/8" OD x 1/2" ID)
Wall Thickness: .058"
Weight/ft.: .125 lbs.
Moments of inertia: Ixx =
Alloy: 6063-T6
Stock Length: 6'
Common Boat usage: AMF Sunbird (18"); Boston Whaler Harpoon 4.6, 5.2; Chrysler Pirateer (20 1/2"); O'Day Daysailer (21 1/4"), Mariner (20 1/2"); hundreds of other Dinghies & Daysailers, and Jumper & Diamond Struts on larger boats
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5/8" OD Round Spreader Tube
5/8" OD Spreader Tube: K-SPR5XCA-____:
5/8" Outside Diameter (OD) Round Spreader Tube is used in a variety of Applications on dinghies and small yachts as Spreaders and for use as Jumper and Diamond stay Struts. Stocked in a clear anodized finish it is available in 2', 4', and 6' lengths, or can be cut to shorter lengths.
To order: specify length.


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5/8" OD Round Spreader Assemblies & Parts
5/8" OD Standard Spreader Ass'y (pair): K-1118AP-____:
Standard Kenyon 5/8" OD Round Spreader Assembly has inboard end reduced to 1/2" square for use with K-366 Spreader Bases. Spreader attaches to mast Bracket with a 1/4" vertical hole 1 5/8" from the inboard end. Outboard end has integral slot for shroud up to 1/8" diameter, and holes for seizing wire (included). A variety of common lengths are stocked, other lengths are available on special order. This unit replaces the original Kenyon 5/8" OD Spreaders which used a separate 1/2" square Aluminum inboard End Plug, K-10541 (now discontinued). 5/8" OD Standard Spreaders are only sold in pairs. Standard Lengths: 17", 17 3/4"*, 18", 18 1/2"*, 19 1/4", 20 1/2", 21 1/4"*, 22 1/4"**, 24", 26", 36".
To order: specify maximum length.


5/8" OD Round Spreader / Strut Ass'y: K-SPR5Strut-____:
5/8" OD Round Spreader / Strut Assembly has K-40451 Spreader Tip on Outboard end. Normally used for Jumper and Diamond stays, it also fits Spreader Bases for 5/8" OD (or 1/2" ID) Round Tube. Spreaders are 5/8" Round their full length and are supplied without holes for attachment to Mast Bracket, Spreader Tip is suitable for shroud up to 1/8" diameter and has hole for seizing wire (included). To order: specify maximum length.


Spreader Tip for 5/8" OD Spreader: K-40451:
Spreader Tip for 5/8" OD x 1/2" ID Spreaders has slot for up to 1/8" diameter shrouds. Molded Nylon Spreader Tip features cross-hole for seizing wire, projects 11/16" from tube end, and is carefully rounded to reduce sail chafe. For Spreaders without integral slots.


Captive Spreader Tip for 5/8" OD Spreader: K-40451C:

Captive Spreader Tip for 5/8" OD x 1/2" ID Spreaders has hole for up to 1/8" diameter shrouds, jumper, or diamond stays. Turned Gray Delrin Spreader Tip has 1/8" hole 1/4" from tube end, projects 7/16" from tube end, and is carefully rounded to reduce sail chafe. Note: Shroud must be inserted through Spreader Tip before swaging, finished Shroud is not removable from Spreader Tip. As used on Lightning, and others.




Tip Adjuster for 5/8" OD Jumper & Diamond Struts: K-40450:
Aluminum threaded adjuster is used to adjust jumper and diamond stay tension without using a turnbuckle. SS nut (included) seats against Crossbar or Strut End, and is turned to push stay further out. Adjuster is suitable for tubular struts with a 5/8" (or larger) OD and a 1/2" ID. Adjuster stud is 1/2" diameter x 3 3/8" long and features cross-hole for seizing wire. Allows for 1 1/2" of adjustment. As used on Pearson Triton, Sea Sprite 23, Watch Hill 15, and others.




Spreader Boot Pair for 5/8" OD Spreader: SP-022B:

Spreader Boot for 5/8" OD Spreader is designed to reduce sail chafe. White Rubber Boot is attached to Spreader and Shroud using wire ties or Rigging Tape. Sold in Pairs only, they are (maximum) 4 1/2" long.




Spreader Bases for 5/8" OD Round Spreaders
5/8" OD Round Spreaders on Kenyon Spars are usually reduced to 1/2" square on the inboard end for use with the K-366 Spreader Bases.
Spreader Bracket Assembly: K-366:

Formed SS Spreader Bracket Assembly incorporates channel to fit 1/2" OD Spreaders, or 5/8" OD reduced spreaders. Spreaders are attached with a 1/4" clevis pin (included). Spreaders are free to swing fore and aft, but can be locked in aft-most position with an additional clevis pin. SS Bracket is 1 5/8" high x 3 1/8" long (max.) and projects 2" out from the side of the mast when mounted. Bracket attaches to the mast with (3) 3/16" (#10) fasteners. Used on Kenyon B, C-1, C-6, D, 2331 and other Mast Sections.


Base for 5/8" OD Jumper Strut: K-40455X:

Aluminum Base for 5/8" OD Round Jumper Strut attaches to mast with (2) 3/16" (#10) screws and (1) 3/8" bolt. Bracket has recess under 3/8" bolt hole to allow for upper shroud tang. Cast Aluminum Base is (maximum) 2 3/8" long x 2" high and has hole to accept 5/8" OD strut. As used on Pearson Triton and others.

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