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Spars, Rigging, and Hardware for Sailboats

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J/29F - Spars & Common Parts
- Fractional Rig

Common Replacement Parts are listed below.
Additional specifications and photographs of all components listed below, as well as details of the Spar Sections and additional parts, are available on the Spar Section, or Parts pages.

J/29 Masts use the Kenyon 4060 Mast Section.
J/29 Booms use the Kenyon E-Section Boom.
J/29 Spreaders use the Kenyon SP-3 Spreader Section.

J/29F Mast & Components - Kenyon 4060 Mast Section
Description Part #
J/29F Mast Assembly - Clear Anodized : K-FM762A: Call
J/29F Mast Tube Only - Clear Anodized x 47' 3 1/2" : K-FMT762AW: Call
  - Tapered Tube w/ welded Masthead & sailgate cutout, ready to transfer hardware. 4g10-6

Mast Head Cap : K-10696:
Main Halyard Sheaves - Aluminum - Masthead has 2 Sheaves
     - New Style Sheave - Heavy-duty w/ integral bushing : K-198-7AB4:
     - Old Style Sheave w/ 3/8" ID (Requires Bushing) : K-198-7A:
Main halyard sheave Bushing (Bronze) 3/8" OD x 1/4" ID : K-9523:
Main halyard sheave & Topping lift Clevis Pin (1/4" dia.) : CP4-28K:
Backstay Clevis Pin (5/16" dia.) : CP5-28K:

T-Ball Backing Plate Tangs - All Shrouds (7/32", 1/4", 9/32") : Gib 740-7:
T-Ball Retaining Plug - Rubber - All Shrouds : Gib 742-7:
New Style Aluminum 4-sheave Jib Box * : K-11597-1:
Pole lift Exit Block - SS w/ 1 7/8" plastic sheave : K-11199P-1:
Pole lift Exit Block - SS w/ 2" Alu. sheave : K-11199A-1:
T-Ball Backing Plate Tang - Runners (3/16" wire) : Gib 740-6:
T-Ball Retaining Plug - Rubber for Runners : Gib 742-6:

Spinnaker Pole Mast Eye : K-11077:
Slide Conversion Kit for 4" Gate - Closes Mainsail Gate for use w/ slugs : K-11656K:
Slide Conversion Kit for 6" Gate - Closes Mainsail Gate for use w/ slugs : K-11754K:
SS Roller Sailfeeder : K-11087:
Gooseneck/ Vang Bracket SS - for 1 1/2" Toggle : K-10650:
Vang Tab (SS) for K-10650 Bracket : K-10963:
Halyard Lead Swivel Block : K-10865:
Mast Boot - White : K-10858BLP:
Mast Step Casting : K-10664:
J/29F Spreaders & Components - Kenyon SP-3 Spreader Section
Description Part #
Port Spreader Assembly - Clear Anodized : K-FS762AP: - Call
Port Spreader Assembly - Painted White : K-FS762WP:
Starboard Spreader Assembly - Clear Anodized : K-FS762AS:
Starboard Spreader Assembly - Painted White : K-FS762WS:

Spreader Tube only - Clear Anodized (P or S) : K-FST762AP:
Spreader Tube only - Painted White (P or S)   T=38"max 13d  : K-FST762WP:
Spreader Tip - New Style (Cast Aluminum) : K-10263:
Spreader Tip Old Style (Urethane) - NLA Use K-10263 : K-10778:
Port Spreader Bracket SS : K-10652P:
Starboard Spreader Bracket SS : K-10652S:
J/29F Boom & Components - Kenyon E-Section Boom
Description Part #
J/29F Boom Assemblies are complete but do not include Gooseneck Toggle, K-10345A, or standard Vang Bracket, K-1757-1, due to the increasing use of Solid Vangs (which require special brackets). Standard Boom Assemblies use the Flush-cut Outhaul Assembly, K-11471, while Racing Boom Assemblies use the lightweight Cut-away Outhaul Assembly, K-43008, with special tapered end cut to further reduce weight. Both styles are fully class legal.
J/29F Standard Boom Assembly - Clear Anodized : K-FB762SA: - Call
J/29F Standard Boom Assembly - Painted White : K-FB762SPW:
J/29F Racing Boom Assembly - Clear Anodized : K-FB762RA:
J/29F Racing Boom Assembly - Painted White : K-FB762RPW:
J/29F Boom Tubes - only are available for those who wish to transfer hardware from a broken boom.  Standard Boom Tubes have a milled sail entrance and are cut to length for use with the Flush-cut Outhaul Assembly, K-11471, while Racing Boom Tubes have a milled sail entrance and a special tapered end cut for use with the lightweight Cut-away Outhaul Assembly, K-43008. The Bare Boom tube is long enough to be suitable for Standard or Racing versions, but is unmachined.
J/29F Bare Boom Tube - Clear Anodized (12'9" - no machining) : K-FBT762UA:
J/29F Standard Boom Tube - Clear Anodized (12'6" long) : K-FBT762SA:
J/29F Standard Boom Tube - Anodized & Painted White (12'6") : K-FBT762SPW:
J/29F Racing Boom Tube only - Clear Anodized (12'9" long) : K-FBT762RA:
J/29F Racing Boom Tube only - Anodized & Painted White (12'9") : K-FBT762RPW:

Gooseneck Assembly with Cams : K-43006:
Gooseneck Replacement Casting only  : K-10364:
Gooseneck Toggle Ass'y w/ Reef Hooks : K-10345A:
Gooseneck Vertical Clevis Pin - 3/8" x 2 3/8" Grip length : CP6-76K:
Vang Bracket (SS) for Boom : K-1757-1:
Vang Reinforcement Sleeve - Internal Stiffener : K-11903E:
Mainsheet Bail for 3/8" bolt : K-2223:
Outhaul Assembly – New Style – Flush Cut : K-11471:
Outhaul Assembly – Racing – Cut-away End : K-43008:

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