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NB-26 Gooseneck Assemblies & Parts

Isomat NB-26 Boom Section
Outside Measurements (Maximum): 4" x 3 1/2" (100mm x 90mm)
Wall Thickness: .092"
Weight/ft.: 1.76 lbs.

New-Style Goosenecks are listed below, Old-Style Goosenecks are listed separately, See Old-Style NB-26 Gooseneck Assemblies and Parts.

NG1 Gooseneck/Vang Bracket: NG1-11:

Cast aluminum Gooseneck/Vang Bracket for use with NB-16 and NB-26 new-style Gooseneck Assemblies fits NG-28 through NG-51 Mast Sections. Bracket is 3 7/8" (98mm) high x 2 3/4" (70mm) wide, and is fastened with four (4) 1/4" (6mm) rivets. Bracket has holes for 12mm (7/16") Vertical Toggle Pin NB1-1, below.



NB-26 Gooseneck Ass'y Complete w/ Mast Bracket: NB26-1ACKit:
Complete Gooseneck Assembly Kit with Mast Bracket includes NB26-1AC, below, NG1-11 Gooseneck Bracket, above, and all rivets necessary for attachment of both the Gooseneck Assembly and the Mast Bracket. For use with Isomat NG28 through NG51 and similar Mast Sections.


NB-26 Gooseneck Assembly Complete: NB26-1AC:

Cast aluminum Gooseneck Assembly incorporates provisions for internal outhaul and 2 internal reef lines. Internal lines run over (3) delrin rollers (NB1-11R) and down past lever action cams (NBA-14). Cams can be removed to allow lines to go straight down to the deck. Includes vertical Gooseneck Pin, NB1-1; Gooseneck Toggle, NB1-4; Horizontal Gooseneck Cylinder, NB1-3; tack shackle NB1-2; and reef hooks, NB1-8. For use with Isomat Gooseneck Mast Bracket (NG1-11) for 12mm (7/16") vertical pin.




NB-26 Gooseneck Assembly: NB26-1A:

As NB26-1AC, above, but with rollers, cams, and axles only. Does not include 2 piece plastic toggle, vertical gooseneck pin, tack shackle or reef hooks.






NB-26 Gooseneck Casting: NB26-1:

Replacement Casting only, for any of the NB-26 Gooseneck Assemblies listed above.


NB1 Gooseneck Connector Kit: NB1-1K:

Gooseneck Connector Kit includes all 4 of the components below, NB1-1, NB1-2, NB1-3 and NB1-4.  Kit has everything necessary to connect Gooseneck Casting to Mast Bracket casting.



NB1 Vertical Gooseneck Pin: NB1-1:

Clevis pin is 12mm (7/16") dia. x 85mm (3 3/8") long. Used to attach the NB-16 and NB-26 Gooseneck to Isomat Gooseneck bracket (NG1-11) for 12mm (7/16") vertical pin.



NB1 Tack Shackle: NB1-2:

SS Tack Shackle fits through hole in top of vertical gooseneck clevis pin. Shackle has 5mm (3/16") pin.



NB1 Horizontal Gooseneck Cylinder: NB1-3:

Plastic Cylinder slides through the Gooseneck Casting and the Gooseneck Toggle. Vertical Gooseneck Pin then slides through Mast Bracket, Gooseneck Toggle, and Horizontal Gooseneck Cylinder, in that order. Black plastic cylinder is 1" diameter x 1 1/2" long with hole for 12mm (7/16") pin.



NB1 Gooseneck Toggle: NB1-4:

Plastic Toggle fits in between the ears in the Gooseneck Casting. Horizontal Gooseneck Cylinder then slides through the Gooseneck Casting and the Gooseneck Toggle. All 3 pieces are held together by the Vertical Gooseneck clevis Pin.



NB1 Vertical Bolt w/ Tack Shackle & Reef Hooks: NB1-1RA:

Stainless Steel Reef Hook/Tack Assembly incorporates 12mm Vertical Gooseneck Bolt with Tack Shackle and dual Reef Hooks. Reef Hooks are formed from 8mm rod, Assembly is (maximum) 3 5/8" wide x 6" high, and includes 5mm SS Tack Shackle. Bolt is 12mm diameter x 3 5/8" long for use with NG1-11 Gooseneck Bracket.  Designed as a stronger replacement for the traditional casting-mounted Reef Hooks.


NB1 New-Style Reef Hooks: NB1-8:

Used with the Isomat NB-16 and NB-26 New-style goosenecks, this formed SS Reef Hook unit features two hooks to allow for ease of reefing from either side of the boom. Unit snaps over nose built into Gooseneck Casting.



NB1 Gooseneck Roller: NB1-11R:

Delrin Roller sheave is 18mm (11/16") OD x 14mm (9/16") wide x 10mm (3/8") ID. For Gooseneck outhaul and reef lines.


Sheave/Cam Axle for NB-26 Gooseneck: NB1-12:

SS knurled Axle pin is 10mm (3/8") dia. x 64mm (2 1/2") long.



Gooseneck Cam - New Style: NBA-14:

New-Style Gooseneck Cam lever used in all New-Style NB boom goosenecks to secure lines as they exit the gooseneck casting. Anodized extruded aluminum cam measures (max.) 2 3/4" long x 9/16" wide (70 x 14mm), and rides on 10mm (3/8") cam axle.



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