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Spars, Rigging, and Hardware for Sailboats

Rig-Rite, Inc.
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Sunfish - Spars and Common Parts

Sunfish, the most popular Sailboat in the world. Common Replacement Spar Parts are listed below.

Sunfish Masts use a 2 1/4" OD (.083" wall) Round Tube.
Sunfish Booms and Sprits use a 1 1/2" OD (.065" wall) Round Tube.
Please note: Masts and Booms cannot be shipped by FedEx or UPS. Freight must be specially quoted on these items. Freight costs generally are less when shipping to a commercial address.
Call for a Shipping Quote.

Sunfish Mast and Components
Description Part # Shipping
Sunfish Mast Assembly - Clear Anodized : Sunfish-MA: Call
Sunfish Mast Tube only - Clear Anodized - 2 1/4" OD x 10' : Sunfish-MT: Call
Sunfish Mast Top Cap (w/ fairlead) : SP-004L:
Sunfish Mast Base Cap (plug) : SP-006L:
Sunfish Boom, Sprit and Components
Description Part # Shipping
Sunfish Boom Assembly (lower Boom) w/ Blocks - Clear Anodized : Sunfish-BA: Call
Sunfish Sprit Assembly (upper Boom) - Clear Anodized : Sunfish-SA: Call
Sunfish Boom/Sprit Tube only - Clear Anodized - 1 1/2" x 13' 8" : Sunfish-BT: Call
Sunfish Boom Set Complete w/ Bolt Eye & Gooseneck : Sunfish-BSC: Call

Sunfish Gooseneck - nickel plated (clamps to Boom) : SP-009N:
Interlocking Bolt Eye - connects Boom & Sprit : SP-009BE:
Boom/Sprit Cap with Eye : SP-011:
Boom/Sprit Cap without Eye : SP-013:
SS Eyestrap : K-226:
Mainsheet Bullet Block (forward Block), max 3/8" line : RL 43116:
Mainsheet Swivel Block (aft Block), max 3/8" line : RL 43114:

Sail Clips - 30 Pack : SP-014-30:
Tack/ S Hook for Sail attachment : SP-009SH:
Trigger Snap BZ, Original for Mainsheet : NF 10772:
Snap Hook CR, New Style for 2 Loop Mainsheet Bridle : NF 10768C:
Sunfish Rig Complete
Description Part # Shipping
Sunfish Rig Complete - includes Mast Ass'y and Complete Boom Set w/ interlocking Bolt Eye, & Gooseneck. : Sunfish-Rig: Call

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