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Shroud Tangs - Mixed Vendor Complete List

Rig-Rite stocks the largest and most comprehensive selection of Shroud and Forestay Tangs available anywhere. All Tangs and other fittings listed are Stainless Steel unless otherwise noted. In addition to those listed here, Rig-Rite has the capabilities to offer Custom Shroud Tangs for special applications.
Kenyon Shroud Tangs are included below, but are also listed separately, See: Kenyon Shroud Tangs.
For Masthead and Stay attachments, See: Masthead and Forestay Toggles.
For Deck-mounted Rigging attachments, See: Chainplates and Stemhead Fittings.
Small Boat Tangs
Generally for shrouds of 5/32" (4mm) diameter or less, these lightweight Tangs are used in a variety of applications on smaller boats.




Pivoting Strap Tangs
Used in almost every application, these Single Strap Tangs mount on a single bolt, and are especially suited for use with Intermediate and Lower Shrouds where angles might vary, or might not be precisely determined ahead of time.


Fixed Strap Tangs
Fixed Strap Tangs mount with multiple fasteners and are especially suitable for use in Upper Shroud applications as they allow no fore and aft movement. They are also suited for other applications where the tang should not be allowed to pivot.



Double Strap Tangs
Used on rigs with Double Lower Shrouds, these Tangs are also suitable in a variety of other applications.




Single Clevis Tangs
Clevis Tangs are used with rigging using eye fittings, and come with a Clevis Pin. Fixed (as shown), and pivoting varieties are available.


RR_84-1508-8M.gif (4569 bytes)
Double Clevis Tangs
Used on rigs with Double Lower Shrouds using Eye fittings, these Tangs are suitable in a variety of other applications and come with Clevis Pins. Pivoting (as shown), and fixed varieties are available.




Transverse Clevis Tangs
New Transverse Clevis Tangs are used with rigging using Marine eye fittings, and come with a Clevis Pin. Unique design has integral Flange Bushing, attaches with a single bolt and is self-aligning. Tangs are cast in 17-4 ph Stainless Steel, and are highly polished.


Flange Bushings
SS Flange Bushings are used in through-bolt applications, allowing the use of a smaller diameter bolt to achieve weight reduction without any attendant reduction in the bearing surface of the fastener against the Spar wall.
In repair applications, they can be used with an original-sized bolt (and all original fittings) to repair an elongated or distorted hole in the Spar wall, simply by drilling the hole to a larger diameter. Essentially, Flange Bushings are used to replace larger bolts with smaller bolts, as, in most Spar applications, it is not the tensile strength of the bolt, but the increase in shear strength gained by the larger bearing surface that is important.





Bearing Plates
Bearing Plates are used to reinforce the mast wall, spreading the load of a single bolt attachment out over a greater area and increasing the bearing surface by using additional fasteners. Normally used in conjunction with a single bolt Shroud Tang.




Compression Tubes
Compression Tubes are often used with bolted Tangs. They prevent Mast compression caused by over tightening a bolt, and are often used in conjunction with Flange Bushings, and/or Bearing Plates.




J-Hook Tangs
For use with simple J-Hook swage ends on smaller boats, for shrouds of 5/32" (4mm) diameter or less.




T-Ball Backing Plate Tangs and Retaining Plugs
Internally mounted Backing Plate Tangs for use with Gibb and other T-Ball Shroud fittings. T-Balls must be turned 90 degrees to be removed from Backing Plates. Plates are designed to fit through the mounting slot and are then fastened from the outside of the Mast.



Gib 740-5

'Rounded' T-Ball Backing Plate Tangs and Retaining Plugs
Internally mounted Backing Plate Tangs for use only with Gibb/ Norseman/ Navtec 'Rounded' T-Ball Shroud fittings. Commonly referred to as the 'Lollipop', this more modern version of the standard T-Ball is stronger and the Backing Plate is easier to install, requiring only a round hole (not a slot) in the Mast. Backing Plates are designed to fit through mounting hole and are then riveted from the outside.


Stemball Backing Shell Tangs
Stemball Backing Shells (in several varieties) are designed to fit through a mounting slot in the mast while attached to a piece of Rigging with a Stemball wire swage (or swageless) fitting. They are then fastened from the outside using one or more screws or rivets. One or more Stemball Cup Washers are often required.
Note: When used with a fitting that will not pass through the hole, this type of tang becomes a part of the rigging, and must be put on the wire before the ends are attached. In all cases it must be removed from the mast to take the rigging off.


RR 86-BSR-5
Stemball Cup Washers
Stemball Cup Washers are used with swage and mechanical Stemballs in Mastheads, Spreader Bases and some Stemball Backing Shells. Isomat standard (metric) Cup Washers are produced in Type 316 Stainless Steel.


Stemball Cup
Stemball / Eye Adapters
Stemball / Eye Adapters are primarily used on Mastheads made by Isomat, FranceSpar, Sparcraft and other Spar builders for attachment of the Headstay and Backstay, but some varieties are occasionally used with Stemball Backing Shell Tangs, above.


Rod Stemball Tangs
Heavy-duty Forged Aluminum Rod Tangs, for use with Rod Rigging Stemballs, mount internally in Mast Section. All Tangs are designed to fit through the mounting slot and are then fastened from the outside of the Mast. Some Aluminum Rod Tangs are permanently attached to the Mast and allow Rod Stemballs to be removed separately, others are attached to (and become part of) the rigging, and must be detached from the mast to allow for rigging removal.


Sch 84-60-6

Forestay / Staysail Tangs
Forestay/Staysail Stay Tangs are normally mounted (internally or externally) on the forward centerline of the Mast. Some are suitable for Forestay attachment on Fractional Rigs, all are suitable for use with appropriately sized secondary Forestays or Staysail Stays.



Mainsheet Tangs
Mainsheet Tangs mount on a single bolt through the Boom End casting, for use in end boom sheeting applications.


Specialty Tangs
A variety of Tangs are available for Special Applications.


Delta (Triangle) Plates
Delta, or Triangle Plates are primarily used in Split Backstay applications to attach the Main (upper) Leg to the 2 Lower Legs.



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