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ISOMAT  Mast Specifications and Components

Listed below are the most common Isomat Mast Sections. All Isomat Mast Sections listed below feature an integral Spinnaker Track on the forward side of the mast (approximately 3" wide, running the full length of the mast) for special Spinnaker Cars. Later Isomat Mast Sections did not have this feature, for parts for them please contact us with details including maximum Outside Dimensions of the Mast Section. 

Click on individual Mast Sections, below, to see hardware commonly used with those Sections.
For replacement Mast Parts, See Isomat Mast Components, below.
See also Isomat Boom Sections and Components.
And Isomat Spreader Sections and Components.

Isomat Mast Sections

Cross-Sections Section Number Outside
Dimensions Height x Width
Wall Thickness Weight (lbs./ft) Moments of Inertia



Isomat NG Mast Sections NG28. 5.20" x 3.74" .100" 2.19 6.24 3.23
NG31. 6.28" x 4.10" .095" 2.48 10.19 4.39
NG37. 6.69" x 4.53" .105" 2.64 12.38 5.02
NG46. 7.09" x 4.72" .125" 3.09 16.34 7.54
NG51 7.48" x 4.92" .135" 3.43 19.94 9.37
NG60 8.07" x 5.39" .130" 4.03 26.43 12.73
NG70 8.66" x 5.71" .152" 4.77 34.36 15.98
NG80. 9.06" x 6.10" .160" 5.38 42.77 19.94
NG86 9.84" x 6.77" .175" 5.78 51.66 25.23
NG105. 11.14" x 7.17" .170" 7.06 77.65 37.29

Isomat Mast Components

Isomat uses a number of common components in their Spar Assemblies. Parts that are common to a variety of Mast Sections are listed below. Many Mast Parts, however, are specific to individual, or a small number of Mast Sections, and are listed under those particular Mast Sections.
For Parts not listed below, determine which Mast Section you have by measuring maximum Outside Dimensions. Click on specific Mast Sections (above) to see all hardware commonly used with those Sections.
External Masthead Spinnaker Cranes
External Spinnaker Halyard Blocks
Masthead Stemball / Eye Adapters
Fractional Jib Boxes

Sheaves and Rollers
Exit Blocks

Halyard Exit Plates
Spinnaker Cars
Spar Cleats
Welded Mast Base Exit Boxes
Vang Brackets and Vang Toggles
IsoVang Solid Vangs
Mast Base Turning Blocks and Attachments
Mast Wedges

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